Ag- Machira Upholstery Service

Ag- Machira Upholstery has become a go-to place for designers and anyone with pre-loved furniture in need of repair, from commercial and automotive work to fine antiques.  


Our mission is to bring furniture back to life.  It may sound simple, but the process is often long and complicated, and each project is an exploration into the soul and history of the piece, as old fabric is stripped and the bones of the furniture are revealed.


We offer a wide range of furniture repair services, including furniture repair, auto upholstery, boat upholstery, bar stools upholstery, sofa upholstering, outdoor furniture reupholstery, and more.

Our master furniture upholsterers have generations of craftsmanship experience and we only use the best materials with every restoration project. Our upholstery service includes a free estimate and pickup and delivery services based on project and locations

Trust us to revamp your ottomans, headboards, cornice boards, outdoor furniture, decorative pillows, and more.


We take great pride in offering our valued clients complimentary labor and yardage estimates. To request an estimate, simply visit our "Get An Estimate" page. For the most accurate assessment, we highly recommend including images and basic measurements of your furniture piece.

If you decide to proceed with your upholstery project, we will be delighted to add you to our waiting list. We'll then schedule an appointment for you to visit our showroom and explore our extensive range of fabric options. Rest assured, all upholstery work is performed on-site, ensuring the highest quality craftsmanship while keeping our prices affordable.

Once we're ready to begin your project, we'll reach out to you personally, allowing you to make arrangements for delivering your furniture piece to our shop. We look forward to serving you and delivering exceptional results.

Now is the time to transform your furniture - Get An Estimate today!



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